The word Skidangleboom® was originally created to be a memorable catchy phrase that would stand out in the world of music and easily identify the entertainer, vocal artist and personality known as Zed Regal.

"Most people couldn’t say the word Skidangleboom without unconsciously smiling, laughing or displaying some form of good energies. People of all ages and from all walks of life. It quickly became very clear that my catchy creation had a positive connection with people."

 Giving real meaning to the word Skidangleboom became the new challenge Zed Regal. He knew it had to have depth and connection to who and what he is about and the energy he wanted to share.

Zed Regals truths helped him realise that his journey was all about finding balance in every area of life. This became the deeper meaning for Skidangleboom® – The balance in all things

"The disciplines, coping mechanisms and mindsets we all create within ourselves, become our lifestyle. I earned a bachelor’s degree with honours from the ‘universe-city’ of life in how to nurture, heal and develop my mental, physical and spiritual sides, against all odds."

This is the origin of Skidangleboom – It’s a lifestyle.

Commonly used as a word to describe a person, place or thing in a positive, celebratory and uplifting manner. Zed Regal says ”I look forward to the day the word Skidangleboom is used globally and included in dictionaries and thesauruses around the world”



Zed Regal quotes' "I've always felt it is essential to always be the best version of myself possible, no matter what. So I have the same mindset when I'm delivering a service or product for my consumers. I always aim for the best, and keep growing."

An Ambassador for Disability in the arts, supporting, empowering and creating opportunities for others to overcome their challenges and adversities is something Zed Regal is passionate about. Regal says: "Transforming the mindset to one that excels beyond what we think is possible for ourselves, fused with creativity and fun, is key to being the change we seek".

To continue his ongoing support for the creative arts, and creatives with physical disabilities, a percentage of all profits will be donated to projects that support disability in the arts.