“Music, Media and Massage used to be my mantra, before running out of words beginning with M that could describe my other bits. Nowadays I’d probably say that I'm a Performing Artist, Creative,  and a man with a Skidangleboom dream.

My motivation has naturally always been centred around helping uplift others to achieve excellence, or should I say to achieve Skidangleboom….

Anyway, I’m a people person when I’m not hungry, and enjoy connecting forces with others to help raise the creative, personal and professional vibrations where everyone can benefit and grow from our experience together…”

The word Skidangleboom® was originally created to be a memorable catchy phrase that would stand out in the world of music and easily identify the entertainer, vocal artist and personality known as Zed Regal.

Most people couldn’t say the word without unconsciously smiling, laughing or a displaying some form of good energies, and quickly became very clear that it had a positive connection with people.

Whether used on stage while hosting events, radio or his television productions, to being used during delivering empowering workshops or motivational speaking, the term Skidangleboom® quickly caught the attention of young people to seniors from all walks of life, colours and professions.

Giving real meaning to the word Skidangleboom became the new challenge, though he knew it had to have depth and connection to who and what Zed Regal is about.

"I’ve always been spiritually gifted and naturally gravitate towards helping others transform their mindset to one that helps them to feel, to do and to be better. Devising creative ways to release the weight of the world from my mind and shoulders was a daily practice. In hindsight, I became my own counsellor and life coach. This equipped me with the ability to understand, and help people who were drawn to me with issues that required a similar approach towards finding their Skidangleboom. In hindsight, I was sharing parts of my journey through healing with others 

 Zed Regals truths helped him realise that his journey was all about finding balance in every area of life. This became the deeper meaning for Skidangleboom® – The balance in all things

The disciplines, coping mechanisms and mindsets we all create within ourselves, become our lifestyle. I earned a bachelor’s degree with honours from the ‘universe-city’ of life in how to nurture, heal and develop my mental, physical and spiritual sides, against all odds.

This is the origin of Skidangleboom – It’s a lifestyle.

Commonly used as a word to describe a person, place or thing in a positive, celebratory and uplifting manner. Zed Regal says ”I look forward to the day the word Skidangleboom is used globally and included in dictionaries and thesauruses around the world”




Zed Regal has always believed that presentation makes a difference, and ensures that high quality services and products for its consumer, are essential. 

An Ambassador for Disability in the arts, and passionate about supporting, empowering and creating opportunities for others to overcome their challenges and adversities, Regal says "Transforming the mindset to one that excels beyond what we think is possible for ourselves, fused with creativity and fun, is key to being the change we seek".

To continue supporting the creative arts, and creatives with physical disabilities, a percentage of all profits will be donated to projects that support disability in the arts.



"I absolutely love the look, how it fits and the moisture wicking material feel like top quality in this matching suit.

I usually have problems finding gym and yoga clothing that fit nicely around my waist and support me in the right places during high impact workouts.

I've now bought a few sets in leopard and crocodile print and would highly recommend adding these to your wardrobe for exercise"

L. Whyburd.




"I loved the the Skidangleboom summer vest dress so much, I had to get another one.

The design looks classy and the material feels like good quality stuff. I've washed it a few times and maintains its shape and fit me perfectly.

Ladies you need some of these clothing in your life, you won't regret getting any of them. Plus I love the added benefit that a percentage of the profits go towards a worthy cause."

 T. Bailey