Dear Oscar - Narcissist in my Business (Paperback)

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Immerse yourself in the humorous, informative, and creatively written journey of an experience with a Narcissist simply knows as Oscar. Oscar Oscarprick.

If you've ever encountered a toxic person or someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then this book may be of some assistance to your mental well-being.

This book is one third of a 3 part project, inspired by personal experience, that highlights the topic of dealing with a Toxic/Narcissistic person in your life.

Dear Oscar fuses humour and real talk while offering valuable insights into the subject of how to handle, manage and free yourself from the claws of a Narcissist.

If you thought Zed Regal was only about creating banging music, and quality clothing then you're in for a treat with this project called, Dear Oscar - Narcissist in my Business.

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